We All Have Our Faults

by Zuchinn

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This is the first track that I took the time to have several instruments be a part of it, and that I took several days to work on it. I'd say this is my most proud piece of work, but I'm not gonna say you have to like it. That's for you to decide and to choose to do.

An experiment in multiple audio tracks with multiple instruments.


released February 4, 2017

Vasily Soloview - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, melodica, recording, mixing, pre-production, post-production, snacks, PA guy, therapist, number 1 fan, number 1 hater, boom guy, the guy smoking weed, the guy yelling at the guy smoking weed, the mom, the quaker, the catholic, the racist aunt at thanksgiving dinner, the weird kid who had a crush on you in elementary school, the ex-boyfriend, the boyfriend, the girlfriend, the side hoe, the father, the son, and the holy ghost.



all rights reserved


Zuchinn Anchorage, Alaska

Aspiring musician from the extreme Pacific Northwest of the United States of America. This music will be any variety of genre that I decide to make, played on any number of instruments.

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Track Name: We All Have Our Faults
Let me tell you about this fisherman
He was just an average fisherman
He sailed and he fished that's what he did
But he had a great, grand fault
You see he was unable to swim
And this was kind of a problem
As, well, he was a fisherman

Cause if his boat was to fail
And he was stuck in the water
I think it's fair to say
He would surely drown

There was a lumberjack
He did his job
That is he jacked the trees
But he took his axe
And he cut them down with relative ease
But he too had this fault
And it's no fault of his
He was afraid of heights
But as a lumberjack you see
Do you really need to get high

But what if he had to see a CEO
At the top of a building
how would he see this guy?

(Melodica Solo)

Let me tell you about this kid
He was an idiot for sure
He didn't go to sleep
(even though it was 11 o'clock)
He was like, "Hey! Gonna make a song at 11 o'clock."
Can't you see, he's stupid, an idiot, and a fool for sure
But what can I say?
I guess, we all have our faults

Who stays up until 11 o'clock and makes songs?
Who wastes their time and keeps the whole house awake?
Who does this? Who does this?
His name is Savily Volosiew